November 10, 2010

Comets on Fire – Comets on Fire
psychedelic-rock, noise-rock, hard-rock

Comets on Fire’s debut is admittedly a collection of somewhat “simple” pleasures, but it’s executed oh so very well. Right from the start, the band lays down a riotous storm of psychedelic garage-rock, blanketed with huge, fuzzed-out riffs that are played hard and heavy, effects pedals left, right and centre, and vocals so raw and rocking they’ll shred your speakers apart and melt your brain. When it comes to pure, floor shakin’, foot stompin’, air guitarin’, jumping-around-like-a-madman hard-rock perfection, there’s few albums that deliver on this level, and the blissed-out psych leanings mean that every single track reaches for the sky only to overshoot Comets on Fire - Comets on Fireand end up in the depths of space. Highlights include the uptempo “Graverobbers” and “One Foot”, the sprawling title-track plus the bluesy “Let’s Take it All”, but “Ghosts of the Cosmos” in particular has revealed itself as a major personal favourite, and I’ve listened to it so many times since I discovered the album that its every moment has become permanently seared into my brain. The band went on to create some more tidy, mature and ambitious releases after this, all of which are excellent albums well worth your time, but their rough and simple debut, with all of its noisy, heavy-psych glory, is the one I keep coming back to. It’s the sort of music that inspires you to want to play it in your car with your windows down and the volume up, despite the knowledge that people who do this look a bit silly. To sum up, Comets on Fire isn’t exactly a complicated album, but believe me when I say it’s a hell of a lot of fun.