October 4, 2010

Oneida Each One Teach One
noise-rock, experimental-rock, psych-rock

“You’ve got to look into the light light light light light light light light light light light LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT…” With those words begins (and continues, and continues some more) “Sheets of Easter”, the noise-rock behemoth that opens disc one of Oneida’s mind-bending double album Each One Teach One. Oneida - Each One Teach OneThroughout the first disc, Oneida simply pummel you into submission, gleefully destroying your reality and replacing it with a wallpaper of looping soundbites that eventually becomes all you know. After prolonged exposure to “Sheets of Easter” and the equally devastating “Antibiotics” – which between them comprise the entirety of the first disc – your brain is melted down and rebuilt in preparation for the onslaught of disc two, synapses prepped to fire when and how Oneida want them to, limbs reprogrammed to flail on cue. When you’re finally reduced to a drooling vegetable, you shamble your way to the stereo and throw in disc two, and along comes “Each One Teach One”, countering the extended cerebral-assault of the first disc with a short and sharp sonic barrage that tosses you about like a freaking rag doll. And so it goes, until half an hour later “No Label” brings the whole thing to a close and your body is finally released from Oneida’s vice-like grip, assuming it hasn’t turned to dust in the interim.