July 30, 2010

Buraka Som Sistema – Black Diamond

Black Diamond, the debut album byBuraka Som Sistema - Black Diamond Portuguese trio Buraka Som Sistema, is a politically charged, highly addictive album of progressive-kuduro, a style which blends House and African styles of music, and is at times reminiscent of the ethnic London sound that M.I.A has almost single-handedly brought global in the last few years. As such, anyone who considers themself a fan of M.I.A is very likely to dig this, and not only because she appears as a guest vocalist on “Sound of Kuduro”. The album’s only flaw is that it’s a little slow getting out of the gate – opening track “Luanda/Lisboa” is arguably the least exciting song here, but from “Sound of Kuduro” onwards, it’s an adrenaline-pumping spectacle that grabs you and doesn’t let go until the very end. Highlight tracks include “Kalemba (Wegue Wegue)”, “New Africas”, “Beef” and especially “General”, which features a minute-long interlude that’s so charming I find myself wishing it was five times that length.