November 9, 2010

Deltron 3030 – Deltron 3030

Deltron 3030 is a groundbreaking album of futuristic geek-hop that constantly delivers the goods, thanks to Dan the Automator’s hugely creative, kick-ass production, Del tha Funkee Homosapien’s well-baked yet highly literate delivery, Kid Koala’s expert, nimbleDeltron 3030 - Deltron 3030 turntablism, a series of A+ guest appearances (including Damon Albarn, Prince Paul, Peanut Butter Wolf and an unlikely appearance by Sean Lennon) and the huge number of SF/tech/geek references littered throughout the album (Microsoft, William Gibson, neural implants, interplanetary travel and mecha, to name just a few). Most of the songs establish various overarching details of the album’s futuristic setting, giving the album a very concrete sense of place and time, however there is also a loose story running throughout – Del plays a freedom fighter battling the regimes of a dystopian future while participating in a series of intergalactic rap battles against assorted fiendish foes, and by album’s end there’s no doubt that Del has the goods to be kicking all the ass that he claims he does. This plotline is tied together nicely via a sequence of entertaining snippets and interludes, which drive the narrative forward, further establish the environmental, political and social backdrop and infuse the album with a feeling of true cohesion. If you’re looking to try before you buy I recommend checking out “3030”, “Virus”, “Upgrade (A Brymar College Course)”, “Battlesong” and “Love Story”. It’s hard not to feel like every last element falls perfectly into place on this one, though – it’s one of my favourite hip-hop albums of the decade, and sets the bar extremely high for its perpetually delayed sequel.