August 3, 2010

Heavy Trash – Going Way Out With Heavy Trash
rockabilly, garage-rock, psych-rock

This rockabilly side-project turned out to be a perfect fit for Jon Spencer, best known for his work with The Blues Explosion. With his Elvis-tribute vocal style and constant swagger, it’s a schtick that fits Spencer so comfortably that it’s a wonder he didn’t try it sooner. Teaming up with rock ‘n’ roll guitar-wiz Matt Verta-Ray, Spencer injected some much-needed vitality into his noticeably flagging career (the Blues Explosion hadn’t put out a solid album since the late 90s), and with Heavy Trash he sounds completely at home and brimming with confidence. Nowhere is that more evident than on the duo’s kick-ass sophomore effort Heavy Trash - Going Way Out With Heavy TrashGoing Way Out With Heavy Trash. Taking hold of the rollicking rhythms, sexed-up lyrics, sly humour and outlaw personas of their more streamlined debut, Spencer and Verta-Ray augmented their sound with a hint of psychedelia and some heavy blues overtones, and then simply cranked everything up to a higher level. Big favourites are the killer single “Way Out” and the trippy closer “You Can’t Win”, but the whole thing is a floor-stomping triumph, worthy of high volume and high rotation.


One Response to “#79”

  1. […] really great garage-rockabilly record, and it made it into my top 100 albums of the decade list at number 79. Lead single “Way Out” and tripped-out album closer “You Can’t Win” […]

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