July 4, 2010

Nobunny – Nobunny Loves You
garage-rock, garage-punk, retro pop

If you decide to check this album out, you’re probably going to notice the grainy recording, the kind-of-half-finished songs, the occasionally terrible mini guitar solos, the blatant use of drum machines, the super-short runtime and the general DIYness of it all – it basically sounds like it was written and recorded in the time between knocking off work and hitting the pub – and you’re going to say “What the hell? No way is this a ‘Top 100 of the Decade’ kind of album!” Then you’ll listen to it again, because you remember smiling at the crash-landing singalong of “Nobunny Loves You”. Then you’ll notice that “Boneyard” is wicked catchy and full of fun attitude and addictive vocals. Then you’ll be listening to it the third or fourth timeNobunny - Love Visions and realise that “I Am a Girlfriend” has inexplicably become your favourite song in the whole world. It’s not that inexplicable – it’s just a really f*cking great song. Then you’ll start grooving to “Tina Goes to Work” and “Chuck Berry Holiday” and singing along to their choruses. You’ll start noticing the incredibly naive sweetness of it all. Finally, you’ll realise that this album has wormed its way under your skin and you simply can’t get rid of it. Then you’ll understand why it’s a ‘Top 100 of the Decade’ kind of an album.


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